Winter is approaching..Is your water system ready?

As the nights (and days) get cooler, it’s time to do some seasonal work on your water system.
If you’re lucky enough to have a 4 season house or cottage and the water system inlet pipe is protected with an in line heater, insure that the heater is functioning properly. IF you want to install an in-line heater, there’s still time.
If you do have to winterize your property, don’t forget to put the water system at the top of the list! The entire system (including all pipes hidden behind walls and under the cottage) have to be drained. Keep an eye out for any sagging areas where water may be trapped.
When it comes to your pump, remove all drain plugs and priming plugs (remember where you put them for the spring!) and if you can, tip the pump up to remove excess water.
Your pressure tank, hot water tank and all toilet tanks have to be drained as well. If your pressure tank has a bladder in it opening the drain valve at the bottom will do the trick. Keep all faucets and valves open all winter long-introducing air will let water out. If you have a dishwasher-check that it is drained properly as well!
A properly drained system makes for happy cottagers in the spring. A poorly drained system means a cracked pipe or pump. We love to see you, but under better circumstances!