Spring Time is Pump Time!

Happy Spring, ideally you are on our site to find out what is the lateset and greatest when it comes to pumps and water related equipment; but we think that you are probably browsing to get tips on your system because it isn’t working properly or it didn’t survive the winter.
Spring tip #1- If your pump is running and not delivering water then it isn’t primed! We know you think it is, but it probably isn’t, look for leaks in the line or “humps” in the pipe where air can get trapped.

Spring tip #2- If you put power to your pump and it just hums, it probably just needs unsticking, you can sometimes get to a screwdriver slot in the back of the motor to manually turn it. Failing that you may get a 7/16 wrench on a flat spot on the back of the motor to “unstick” it

We can unstick your pump or provide you a solution to help you prime your pump!
Gve us a call or drop in-advice is always free at The Pump House.