Fall is Here!

As a cottage owner, when the weather begins to turn it’s time that you think about readying your water system for the winter.
Water trapped in your pump and plumbing system is the enemy and all of it MUST be removed or you will have trouble in spring.
Make sure that all of the plugs are removed from the pump and if it’s easy enough to do so, tip it up so the water is all removed. If you can remove the pump completely, taht’s even better.
When it comes to your piping, the black poly pipe is very resistant to cracking but it wears out if it rubs on the rocks of the shoreline, if you can remove it from the water then so much the better. Remember to open all drain valves in the building as well as all the faucets and leave them open to facilitate better draining. Drain your hot water tank, drain all your P-traps (and pour anti freeze in them) and you’re good to lock up for the winter-if you haven’t missed anything spring opening will be a breeze.
If you’re thinking of winterizing your cottage now is the time to do it. The Pump House has a full line of in line pipe heating cables for you to install this fall. You do have to “get wet” when installing them so the sooner the better.