Pressure Tanks

WellMate Comp-TEC Series TanksIn all cases a pressure tank is required in a well system. It stores the water that the pump (jet or submersible) supplies under pressure until it is required at a faucet, shower or hose.

There are several different styles of pressure tanks available:

  • Galvanized Tank – This type of tank was the first developed. There are limited ways of keeping them from water logging and because they do not have a pre-charge a large volume tank is required.
  • Bladder Tank – This type of tank is the preferred style of pressure tank. Because the tank is pre-charged a larger usable volume of water can removed from a smaller tank. They never water log.
  • Fiberglass Retention – They can be used in place of an old style galvanized tank. They are ideal for water treatment as there is not any metal in them. They can also be used as a cold water storage tank.

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