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The Pump House is your one-stop pump shop offering a large inventory of water pumps and accessories for residential, commercial, industrial and cottage water supply systems. We also offer a wide range of water pump services, including pump repair and maintenance, water treatment, pump sizing and custom fitting, technical advice, delivery service and more.

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The Pump House

Over 40 Years of Experience as a One-stop Pump Shop

The Pump House was established by Don Rudderham in 1981. He built the business by offering his customers valuable technical assistance as well as quality products at competitive prices. We moved into our present location in 1985 and have continued to grow. The larger location allowed us to live up to Don’s motto of “if we don’t have it we can’t sell it”, a philosophy that all of our regular customers have grown to depend on.

In July of 2021 Brad Hallam has taken over ownership from Don and is now carving a new path for The Pump House so stay tuned.

Our knowledgeable staff, coupled with our large inventory has continued to serve all of our customers, whether they are a plumber, a factory maintenance person, or cottager for over 40 years.

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Please do not hesitate to contact us → for any information regarding your pumping systems, we will strive to make sure that you’re glad you did.

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Water Pump Products

Sump Pumps, Effluent Pumps & Accessories

A sump pump is designed to remove excess water from weeping tiles or seepage from a basement. There are many different types to choose from depending on the flow and head (how high do they have to push the water) required. An effluent pump is usually a higher grade of pump and is most often installed in a septic tank to push the effluent up to the tile bed. An effluent pump can be used as a sump pump.

We offer a complete line of sump tanks, check valves, high water alarms, float switches and battery back up systems.

Sewage Pumps & Accessories

A sewage pump is designed for the removal of wastewater from a building in cases where the drain is higher than the floor or when the installation of a drain in the floor is too costly. They are Barnes Sewage Pumpsoften used in septic tanks where they pump the effluent up to the tile bed. They are available in many sizes depending on what flow and head (how high it has to push the water) is required. A sewage pump can be used as a sump pump when greater flow is required. A wide variety of multiple pump systems, different level controls sewage basins, check valves and high water alarms are available from the Pump House.

Hot Water Re-circulation

A circulator moves hot water through a series of pipes providing hot water to heat a dwelling, or for domestic use. We will be able to assist you on selecting the right pump for the job. The pump house stocks repair parts and accessories for hot water recirculation systems.


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Submersible Well Pumps

A submersible well pump is designed to deliver fresh water in to homes and cottages from wells lakes and streams. Because the pump is installed in the water they deliver water at greater distances and well depths. There is a submersible well pump available that will deliver water at almost any volume, depth and pressure that you require. Our staff will be able to assist you in selecting the correct submersible well pump for the job.

Jet Pumps

A jet pump is designed for delivering water from a well, lake or stream into a home or cottage for domestic purposes. 

There are two types of jet pumps: 

  • Shallow Well – The water level is less than 25’ (7.6m) below the pump, one pipe goes into the water. 
  • Deep Well – The water level is more than 25’ (7.6m) below the pump, two pipes go into the water.

If a deep well jet pump is required a convertible (shallow or deep well) jet pump is most often used.

Pressure Tanks

In all cases a pressure tank is required in a well system. It stores the water that the pump (jet or submersible) supplies under pressure until it is required at a faucet, shower or hose.  There are several different styles of pressure tanks available:

  • They are available in both fiberglass and steel
  • Galvanized Tank – This type of tank was the first developed. There are limited ways of keeping them from water logging and because they do not have a pre-charge a large volume tank is required. 
  • Bladder Tank – This type of tank is the preferred style of pressure tank. Because the tank is pre-charged a larger usable volume of water can removed from a smaller tank. They never water log. 
  • Fiberglass Retention – They can be used in place of an old style galvanized tank. They are ideal for water treatment as there is not any metal in them. They can also be used as a cold water storage tank.


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Industrial, Centrifugal, and Irrigation Pumps

These pumps have a very wide range of applications. They are used for moving water from one point to another for uses in industrial process, for irrigation, for anywhere that water is required. The pump house can assist you in sizing your pump to meet your specific need. We stock pump kits to custom build the pump you require, which can eliminate costly down times.

Submersible Utility/Dewatering Pumps

A submersible utility pump is designed to de-water a pit or pond. They are ideal for fountain applications. They can also be used in a variety of industrial applications

Residential Water Treatment

We have a complete line of water treatment products: 

  • Water Filters – These are primarily cartridge style filters designed to remove undesirable (dirt/taste) material from the water. They will not remove bacteria from water.
  • Ultra Violet Units – These units are designed to kill bacteria from the water, making it potable to consume.
  • Water Softeners – These remove calcium (hardness) from the water, making your appliances last longer while at the same reducing the amount of soap required. A water softener can also be used to reduce iron and hydrogen sulphide (rotten egg smell) from your water.

Pump Related Accessories and Fittings

We are truly “your one stop pump shop”. We carry galvanized pipe fittings, plastic and brass insert fittings, clamps, polypipe, ABS & PVC pipe and fittings to make your pump hook up easy. We also stock pump related accessories for easy of installation on almost any type of pump system. If you are looking for float switches, pressure switches, float valves or ball valves we carry them. We can also advise you on how to and where to install everything we sell.