Happy Spring – It’s Sump Pump Check Up Time

Happy Spring, and congratulations, you made it through another long Canadian winter. Along with the good weather, the rising temperatures may cause your sump pump to become a little more active. Try and avoid a flood and costly cleanups by  performing these few simple tests to make sure your pump and the rest of your equipment is working properly.

1- Test your sump pump by either manually lifting the float switch up or bypass the float switch all together by plugging the pump in directly.

2- Test your high water alarm by manually lifting up the float switch. If you alarm has a 9v battery, change the battery at this time.

3- Test your battery back up pump by pressing the test button.

If something isn’t working properly or if you are looking for advice or just “peace of mind” please do NOT hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to walk you through any steps, offer advice on how to fix a situation or to recommend a new system for you

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