Happy Summer

The Pump House hopes that everyone is having a fantastic summer. It seems that our customers are settling in and most of them have solved their getting the water into the cottage problems. The weather seems to be good, with all the rain coming during the week or at night, leaving us with great weekends.

That pattern may change suddenly and you may require an irrigation pump. Even worse, if there is a large rainstorm or a power loss, you may need a sump pump or battery back up sump pump.

Have a happy summer and when you think pumps-think The Pump House!

Will This Winter EVER Go Away

Looking out your window at all the snow, it’s hard to believe that spring is right around the corner, but it’s on it’s way!
Keep in mind that eventually all of that snow is going to melt. Are you prepared for the spring run off? Are your downspouts and sump pump discharge pipes and hoses free of ice?
If your house has a sump pump is it operating correctly? Do you you feel that a high water alarm is required? Do you feel that a battery operated back up sump pump may keep you out of a flood situation and provide you with some piece of mind. The Pump House has all your sump pump needs in stock and ready to go, and as usual the advice is always free.
If spring never comes we also have a complete line of circulator parts to keep you warm.

Spring Thaw?!

Happy Mid Winter Greetings from the Pump House.
We all sincerely hope that everyone is coping with the record low temperatures and snow fall, but if you look at the calendar spring is around the corner. Spring means rain and snow melt, is your sump pump system ready to keep up. We have a complete line of sump pumps, alarms and battery back up systems. Give us a call for our free advice.
Spring tip-be sure that the sump pump line from your basement is free of ice. If it hasn’t frozen up to now, it may have this winter.

Seasons Greetings

The Staff of The Pump House wish all our customers, suppliers & associates Seasons Greetings, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Our Holiday Hours
Mondat December 23 7:30- 5:00
Tuesday December 24 7:30- 12:00
Wednesday December 25 & Thursday December 26 CLOSED
Friday December 27th 7:30- 5:00
Monday December 30 7:30-5:00
Tuesday December 31 7:30-12:00
Wednesday January 1 CLOSED
Thursday Januery 2 and beyond 7:30-5:00

Hot Water Circulators

If you heat your home or building with hot water now is the time to prepare your system for the winter.
Check your circulator now to find out that it’s operating properly. Is it getting noisey, is it leaking? You may require a new bearing assembly or spring coupling. We stock a complete line of replacement parts and new circulators and are available to offer you tips on how to repair your pump to make sure your pump is running smooth when you really need it.

Fall is Here!

As a cottage owner, when the weather begins to turn it’s time that you think about readying your water system for the winter.
Water trapped in your pump and plumbing system is the enemy and all of it MUST be removed or you will have trouble in spring.
Make sure that all of the plugs are removed from the pump and if it’s easy enough to do so, tip it up so the water is all removed. If you can remove the pump completely, taht’s even better.
When it comes to your piping, the black poly pipe is very resistant to cracking but it wears out if it rubs on the rocks of the shoreline, if you can remove it from the water then so much the better. Remember to open all drain valves in the building as well as all the faucets and leave them open to facilitate better draining. Drain your hot water tank, drain all your P-traps (and pour anti freeze in them) and you’re good to lock up for the winter-if you haven’t missed anything spring opening will be a breeze.
If you’re thinking of winterizing your cottage now is the time to do it. The Pump House has a full line of in line pipe heating cables for you to install this fall. You do have to “get wet” when installing them so the sooner the better.

Spring Time is Pump Time!

Happy Spring, ideally you are on our site to find out what is the lateset and greatest when it comes to pumps and water related equipment; but we think that you are probably browsing to get tips on your system because it isn’t working properly or it didn’t survive the winter.
Spring tip #1- If your pump is running and not delivering water then it isn’t primed! We know you think it is, but it probably isn’t, look for leaks in the line or “humps” in the pipe where air can get trapped.

Spring tip #2- If you put power to your pump and it just hums, it probably just needs unsticking, you can sometimes get to a screwdriver slot in the back of the motor to manually turn it. Failing that you may get a 7/16 wrench on a flat spot on the back of the motor to “unstick” it

We can unstick your pump or provide you a solution to help you prime your pump!
Gve us a call or drop in-advice is always free at The Pump House.


Spring is almost here! Here’s a few tips to make the season a great one.

Keep an eye on your sump pump and sump pit; especially during rainy conditions.

Start preparing now for your spring cottage opening, did you notice anything that didn’t look quite “right” during fall shut down?

Now is the time to think about upgrading your cottage water system.

Was the pump on your swimming pool woking well at the end of the season? Bring it in here for repairs before you want to start it up

Rain in the Winter

If your sump pump is normally busy during spring run off-be aware that it could also become quite active during rainy periods in the winter.
Rain melts the snow fairly quickly and all that extra water may run into your sump pit. Take the time to check your sump pump. Is it still working after a period of in-activity?
We have high water alarms, battery back up pumps and other products designed to ease your mind during runoff periods.

HAPPY 2013

May your pump stay primed, your circulator purr, and your basement stay dry in 2013!

Sump Pumps

With all of the BIG rain storms over the past few weeks, we have been extremely busy assisting our customers with new, larger, sump pumps, battery back up sump pumps and high water alarms.

If your home relies on a sump pump to keep the basement high and dry and you haven’t checked that it’s functioning properly for a while, then now is a great time to check it out. Make sure that the float switch funtions properly and that the check valve is still holding water.

If you want extra protection and some peace of mind, a battery back up system or a high water alarm may be just what you need. Contact us for more information.

Fall "Tuneup" Tips

Like it or not winter is coming! Is your heating system ready to provide trouble free service this season?
Here’s a few tips to help you get or keep your system “tuned up”
Oil! Most manufacturers recommend a few drops of oil every heating system.
Coupling! Is your pump making a little more noise than usual? It could be the coupling-a spare one is an inexpensive part to keep on hand.
Air vents! Make certain all air vents are operating.

The Pump House stocks a huge inventory of circulator parts and our knowledgeable staff will be able to assist you in finding the right part fo the job.

It’s not too late to winterize your cottage water line-act now before the snow flies! We have the products to provide you with water all winter long!

Winter Water

If you have ever dreamed about winter water for your cottage, NOW IS THE TIME TO ACT! There is a bit of preparation and in most cases a swim involved so it’s best that you take the “plunge” now rather in November. We have a full line of Easy Heat products, advice and accessories to make your winter water dream a reality.

Little Giant Grinder Pumps- IN STOCK!

We are pleased to announce that we are now stocking Little Giant 2HP Submersible Grinder pumps. They may be your perfect solution to “problem” sump and sewage applications where pump clogging frequently occurs. Little Giant’s patented technology makes these pumps a cut above when it comes to superior non clog performance and work well on “low head” applications

Where the Heck Is Winter?!

We have been lucky this year-so far!
I know most people except for skiers and snowmobilers love the lack of snow, but we really do need the snow. It fill up the lakes and aquifers providing much needed water for drier times down the road during the summer. Lets hope that we get some soon!

For The Cottager that Has Everything

Stuck for gift ideas for the handyman/cottager. A Guzzler hand pump will fit the bill perfectly! It is a great solution for priming jet pumps quickly and easily; and is handy for bailing out boats.


If you’re considering a heated water line for this winter this could be your last chance! In most cases, you do have to go IN to the water-and it’ll be chilly! Act now or wait until spring

Attention Circulator Pump Owners!

Now is the time to add a few drops of oil (if the pump has an oil port) to your circulator. Most manufacturers reccomend that a small amount of oil be added each heating season.

Winter is approaching..Is your water system ready?

As the nights (and days) get cooler, it’s time to do some seasonal work on your water system.
If you’re lucky enough to have a 4 season house or cottage and the water system inlet pipe is protected with an in line heater, insure that the heater is functioning properly. IF you want to install an in-line heater, there’s still time.
If you do have to winterize your property, don’t forget to put the water system at the top of the list! The entire system (including all pipes hidden behind walls and under the cottage) have to be drained. Keep an eye out for any sagging areas where water may be trapped.
When it comes to your pump, remove all drain plugs and priming plugs (remember where you put them for the spring!) and if you can, tip the pump up to remove excess water.
Your pressure tank, hot water tank and all toilet tanks have to be drained as well. If your pressure tank has a bladder in it opening the drain valve at the bottom will do the trick. Keep all faucets and valves open all winter long-introducing air will let water out. If you have a dishwasher-check that it is drained properly as well!
A properly drained system makes for happy cottagers in the spring. A poorly drained system means a cracked pipe or pump. We love to see you, but under better circumstances!

Happy Canada Day!

Enjoy Your Long Weekend in the Greatest Country on Earth.
May all your pumps stay primed, running and deliver water

Are You Primed for Spring?

The long weekend is fast approaching! Was your pump running smoothly in the fall? Do you have the neccessary material to get your water system going for another season? Be prepared! The Pump House stocks a full range of fittings, foot valves and clamps to get you going. Shop where the blackflies don’t bite. If you do run into a problem that you can’t fix, bring your pump in-we will fix it or test it for you.

Happy Spring!

Cottage Season is fast approaching!
Be sure that you have all the neccessary items to get your water system primed and running quickly and easily.
We stock most sizes of foot valves and check valves, poly pipe, and fittings that will make your priming a dream.
If you do run into a pump problem, we can repair or test your pump as well as offer some advice to get you “up and running”

You're Ready for Spring! Is Your Pump?

Think waay back to the fall, you were busy doing your last minute “cottage closing” chores. How was your pump running when you drained (hopefully) it and shut it down for the winter? Was the whine it emitted getting louder? Was it leaking “just a wee bit”? In your opinion was your pump on its’ last legs?
Now is the time to remedy all of your pump woes! Don’t wait until blackfly season!
Bring your pump in for that leak to be fixed and the whine to be silenced. We can test that problem jet pump for you. If you want a newer solution we can provide answers to all of your pump questions, as well as providing quality products at a competitive price.
Stop by now, before you “prime it for a half day Saturday and most of Sunday”!

Hot Water Circulators

If the cold weather has your circulator working overtime, it may be a good idea to purchase the neccessary repair parts now to avoid a chilly downtime. Contact us for any information you may require to get the proper parts.

Is Your Circulator Pump Ready for Winter?

The cooler weather is fast approaching, is your circulator ready? A typical circulator pump requires some routine maintenance. Be sure to add a few drops of oil (not too much!) to the bearing assembly twice a year. If the pump is noisy, you may require a new bearing assembly or spring coupling. We have a complete line of parts and pumps to help you prepare for the heating season.

Are You Ready for Winter?

If you are thinking of using your cottage this winter, now is the time to install a heated water line! A heated water line will allow you to have water 365 days a year. Contact us to show you how to turn your “summer cottage” in to a year long retreat!

About Us

The Pump House was established by Don Rudderham in 1981. He built the business by offering his customers valuable technical assistance as well as quality products at competitive prices. We moved into our present location in 1985 and have continued to grow. The larger location allowed us to live up to Don’s motto of “if we don’t have it we can’t sell it”, a philosophy that all of our regular customers have grown to depend on.

Our knowledgeable staff, coupled with our large inventory has continued to serve all of our customers, whether they are a plumber, a factory maintenance person, or cottager for over 25 years.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any information regarding your pumping systems, we will strive to make sure that you’re glad you did.