Cottage Season is Upon Us-Is Your Pump Ready?

Believe us when we say it; In our 40 years of business, we have heard it all.

I spent all weekend trying to get this pump primed!

I poured the entire lake down the pump!

The black flies under the cottage were awful!

The first long weekend of the season is almost here, hopefully, your fall close up was successful and your jet pump will prime up on the first try.

If you do experience some priming issues, try these things. Keep in mind if the pump was working in the fall it should work in the spring, it’s NOT the pump.


  • Make sure to fill the suction line and pump up with water completely
  • Make sure that your suction line has not moved or shifted over the winter. If a “hump” in the pipe has developed, you have to eliminate it. Air pockets remain in the hump and are very difficult to get out.
  • try shaking the suction pipe, sometimes that eliminates air pockets
  • If you can’t seem to get the pipe full there is either a hole in the suction line of the foot valve needs replacing. The hole may be under the water line
  • check to see if the water level in the lake dropped? Sometimes you are asking the pump to suddenly lift higher than it’s capable of
  • If you still think it’s the pump, bring it to us and we will test it.
  • If you do manage to get water out of your faucets but the pump isn’t acting “right” it could be a simple fix. Manually turn the pump on and off to fill toilets and sinks etc and then bring it to us for a tune-up.


If you have tried to prime the pump a million times and it won’t prime, don’t take the pump apart-that isn’t the problem. Once again, if the pump worked last fall it should work this spring (see above DO’s list) If the pump turns on it has to work- it’s not primed!

Good luck, Happy Priming!

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